Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Upper Cervical Care's Positive Side Effects?

These days, we hear a great deal about side effects of medications in commercials on the television. It can sometimes be a little scary when the announcer rattles off all the reactions that people may have from a particular drug. What exactly is a side effect though? It is really an effect or the result of a cause. So there really are no “side” effects, only effects. However, the word has come to mean an effect other than the intended effect. It has further come to mean a negative effect rather than another good effect in addition to the intended one.

In thinking about this in relation to upper cervical care one can see how dissimilar the objective of medicine and the objective of upper cervical care are. The objective of a medical procedure is a specific physical effect (e.g., lowering blood pressure, reducing pain). The objective of upper cervical care is also a physical effect but it involves nonphysical aspects of the human organism. The inborn wisdom of the body uses the physical nerve system to control and coordinate all functions. The objective or the intended effect of upper cervical care is to enable this innate intelligence to be expressed more fully. This is done by correcting the the misaligned head and neck that interferes with nerve function. This is the sole intended purpose of the upper cervical correction and of the upper cervical doctor. So from an upper cervical perspective there is only one effect, the body works better. Sometimes when the body works better it is not even noticeable. Sometimes that improved function is noticeable but either way it is important to have your spine checked and to have a correction made when nerve interference is present. Whether you notice the effects of brushing your teeth regularly, eating wholesome food, exercising regularly or even changing the oil in your car every 3,000 miles, you know all of these are important things to do.

What then are the positive results or positive side effects of upper cervical care? First, it should be noted that the potential for possible effects is so great. When the body is working better it has a fantastic ability to heal itself and increase its potential. Consequently, there is enormous variety in the possible effects that may occur. Some people have their back problems go away, others may be relieved of headaches or any one of the thousands of other medical conditions. Others still may perform better at work or play or have more energy in general. What is really important to know is that these side effects of upper cervical care are different for every person. Basically, that is what a side effect is, a result that may or may not occur in different people. It depends upon the individual’s body. Perhaps the “warning” for upper cervical care should go something like this:

No matter what your reason for undertaking upper cervical care, please be advised that by increasing your body’s ability to work at its maximum potential, some people experience the following side-effects:

Greater ability to perform their job
More energy
Clearer thinking
Happier disposition
Feeling more relaxed
Better more restful sleep
Alleviation of medical problems
Increased performance in sports and activities

While the above do not occur in everyone, should you experience any of the above, consider it a bonus to your care.

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