Thursday, June 3, 2010

Upper Cervical Care: The Basics

It is important to us that you not only understand what upper cervical care does for you but also why we are doing it. One of the biggest reasons why people do not refer others for care is because they are not exactly sure what we do. Either they misunderstand or they are simply unable to communicate it. The basic principles upper cervical care (UCC) are actually quite simple, so simple in fact, that anyone should be able to explain them to family, friends and associates if they wanted to.

A few of the basic concepts are important and people under UCC should have an understanding of them. One such concept is called the “Safety Pin Cycle.” This is a simple illustration of how the body works. The brain sends out messages to all of the cells of the body. The cells then report back to the brain about their condition and needs. In this way, the brain regulates and coordinates all of the functions of our bodies. While this illustration is not exactly physiologically or anatomically correct, it is adequate to describe the transmission of the nervous impulse throughout the body.

If there is interference in this communication, it reduces the body’s ability to act and react. The tissue cell cannot remain in perfect organization if there is an alteration in the communication in this cycle. This is exactly what can occur in the case of head/neck misalignment. This misalignment can interfere with and alter the message from the brain to the cells of the body. This ultimately changes the function of the cells, and over time, the condition of the entire body.

Of course, we would not expect that our patients would discuss efferent and afferent pathways with their friends and family, One way the patients could explain UCC to family and friends is the following:

“Small misalignments of the head and neck can cause interference in the nervous system and keep your body from working as effectively as it should or could. Everyone knows that the brain controls the entire functioning of the body. It does this by sending messages from the brain down the spinal cord and out along all of the nerves to every cell in your body. Head/neck misalignment can interfere with this communication and keep your body from working the way it should.”

It is important to share what you know about UCC with the people around you so their bodies can work as effectively as possible. You do not need to give them some lengthy, technical explanation about how the nervous system works, just that the body will always work better without interference. That’s not only what upper cervical doctors do but also why they do it.

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