Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Upper Cervical Care And The Master Chemist

How’s your body chemistry? When was the last time somebody asked you that? Probably never. People may ask you how you feel or how is your headache or how is your leg doing, but they never ask about your body’s chemistry. Yet that may be the most important factor in your life and health. They do not ask because you cannot not tell them, and you cannot tell them because you just do not know. In fact, no one can really know what their body chemistry should be. You see everyone is different and only your body knows what your own chemistry should be. What is your normal blood sugar, histamine level, adrenaline, cortisone, and serotonin level at this very moment. You don’t know, you can’t know nor can you know what it should be. No one does and there are thousands of other chemicals which are vital to your life and health. Science is not even able to guess what is the average for many of these chemicals, let alone what is normal for any particular person. There are, more than likely, some that have not even been discovered yet. Everyone’s body chemistry is different and everyone reacts differently to changes in body chemistry.

You need look no further than your local bar to prove this point. The consumption of alcohol changes your body chemistry and changes in your body chemistry effect how you react and perform. When some people drink alcohol, changes in their body chemistry makes them belligerent, while others may become mellow. Some become withdrawn, others are the life of a party. Some become somber, almost morose and others laugh and have a good time. Some get sick or have a hangover the next day and others seem to experience no after effects. One thing we do know about alcohol, it effects your judgment, your reflexes, your reaction time and your eye-hand coordination. That is why the law will not allow you to drive a motor vehicle when your blood alcohol level reaches a certain point. But who established that point? Like every chemical, and alcohol is a chemical, the proper level is probably different for everyone. Some people, well within the legal limits for blood alcohol, may still be functioning so poorly that driving an automobile could be fatal. This is but one chemical. There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of chemicals in the body all of which affect your body’s performance in one way or another.

There is another aspect of body chemistry that is important to your upper cervical doctor. You see the millions of glands and cells that produce all the chemicals in your body are regulated and maintained by the nerve system. You cannot perform any function in life without the production of chemicals. Everything from laughing to sleeping, to digesting food depends upon the production of chemicals and doing those things at your best depends upon having just the right chemicals produced in just the right amounts. If there is an interference in your nerve system due to head/neck misalignment, then your body chemistry is going to be altered and your body will not work as it should. Upper cervical doctors do not know what your body chemistry should be. As we said before, no one but the inner wisdom of your body knows what your body chemistry should be, what chemicals need to be produced, when they are needed and in what amounts. But one thing your upper cervical doctor does know. He or she knows when there is head/neck misalignment, when there is interference in your nerve system that is altering the message from the brain to the millions of little chemical factories in your body and upsetting your body chemistry. What is more, the upper cervical doctor can correct it quickly and efficiently so that your body has the greatest opportunity of normalizing your body chemistry and keeping it normal.

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