Friday, June 18, 2010

Periodic Upper Cervical Care?

Upper cervical patients are divided into two general categories. The first category includes a large number of patients who utilize upper cervical care (UCC) to enable their bodies to work better so that they might heal themselves of some condition or symptom. They understand that the upper cervical doctor is not treating the condition or attempting to alleviate the symptom but that if he or she can correct head/neck misalignment, the body will have greater capacity to heal itself. They come in to make sure that their bodies work at a higher level, quite often high enough to get well of the physical problems they have. Thousands of people have had their health restored because when nerve interference is removed at the level of the head and neck, the principle that heals and run the billions upon billions of cells in the body is free to work a little better. Sadly though, many of these people do not fully utilize care.

The second group of people realize that the same principle that enables the body to get well can also keep it well. They do not use UCC as merely a way of regaining their health but as part of an overall, health-maintenance program. They come periodically whether they feel good or not. They know that holding a correction will enable them to express more life in numerous ways, some we cannot even imagine. We do know that you can have more energy, better coordination, more flexibility, a greater ability to handle stress, and a greater benefit from the food, exercise and sleep that you get. All of this from holding a correction? Absolutely! Which of the above is not affected by your nervous system? Logically, a better nervous system, one free of interference, has to help accomplish all the above. How much benefit depends upon you, but everyone will have a better functioning body with a good nerve supply. Not only do these people come periodically but they also bring their families in and refer friends and relatives for UCC. They know that it is far better to get someone under care while they are still healthy than to wait until they manifest the symptoms of a lack of health. They want everyone to experience some of the benefits listed above.

Our desire is to see primarily the second category of patients. We obviously would not turn away a patient with a medical condition who wanted his or her head/neck alignment corrected so that their body had a greater potential for healing. Everyone could benefit from UCC, people with medical conditions of any kind need a properly functioning nerve system as much as people with no medical problems, even if they need medical care at the same time. What we really desire is to see hundreds of people who are concerned enough about their health to come in periodically with their families to receive corrections as needed and stay healthy.

If there is ever something about UCC that you do not understand, please ask us. It is our desire and pleasure to make you aware of all the benefits of being free of nerve interference.

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