Friday, May 28, 2010

Understanding What UC Doctors Do.

One of the major differences between the practice of Upper Cervical Care (UCC) and that of a therapeutic approach is the desire to have knowledgeable, understanding patients. The therapeutic providers often neither want nor care for the patient to know everything that they are doing. This is not a criticism, it just reflects the two different approaches. It is not necessary for the patient to understand the therapeutic approach. They are totally uninvolved with the process. The patient does not participate in the surgery, he or she just lies there. The patient merely swallows the medication. Everything is done by the doctor. The therapeutic approach is performed on the patient or done for the patient. UCC is different.

UCC is based upon the principle that the patient’s body does the healing. It maintains health and it actually makes the correction, using the force introduced into the upper neck by the upper cervical doctor. Second, UCC is directed toward health and increasing one’s potential for an improved quality of life in all areas. Obviously, this takes cooperation on the part of the patient. We will make corrections when indicated so that you can get the maximum benefit from your exercise. But you still must do the exercise. We correct your head/neck misalignment and so that your body, free of nerve interference, can get the maximum benefit from the food you eat. But we cannot eat the food for you. UCC is a cooperative effort, from the actual correction to the patient taking responsibility for being regular/periodic in his or her care.

The outside-in thinkers think they are smarter than their patients so the patients should just do as they are told. The upper cervical doctor works with your body’s innate intelligence, which is smarter than all the doctors in the world, put together. As a result, it is the upper cervical doctor's desire that you, the patient, learn more and more about the inside-out way of life so that you can take a more active role in maintaining your health and directing your life and the upper cervical doctor can step back and do the one thing he or she does best, which is correcting head/neck misalignment and the resulting nerve interference whenever it occurs.

To be a participant in UCC, it is imperative that you, the patient, understand as much as you can about UCC and the “above-down, inside-out” approach to health care. If this term is unfamiliar to you, please ask an upper cervical doctor to explain its meaning. This blog is also full of material for you to utilize. We hope that you will avail yourself of these materials. You see, we believe that people truly want to be knowledgeable about their life and health and not just be a bystander to what’s being done to them. We believe that you can see by now that the therapeutic approach has made us a drug-dependent, disease-fearful society and while it may have some success in the treatment of disease, it has very little to do with health. We hope you will read through this blog visit the links and ask us questions. Health comes from first knowing and understanding both your body and certain principles and then making the effort to apply those principles.

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