Friday, April 2, 2010

Upper Cervical Care: It’s About Your Life!

Too often we just do not take advantage of good things that are available to us. We may stay at a hotel and never use the pool or exercise room because we do not have time. We may never use the cruise control on our car because we only ever drive around town. We may feel like we have wasted money staying at a hotel with those features or buying a car with extras that we may never use. But the real tragedy is not taking advantage of something because we just do not know about its advantages.

Imagine having a television set that you could turn on and off but having no idea it also had a channel selector. You would never get the maximum enjoyment out of a television with an 181-channel hookup if you did not realize you could get anything more than C-Span! I usually cannot handle more than 10 minutes of C-Span so that would be a real tragedy.

Not utilizing its full potential is exactly what some upper cervical patients do. They go to an upper cervical doctor for a back problem and never realize that the care is so much more than a mere treatment for a musculoskeletal problem. When the head and neck become misaligned, probably the least important thing that happens is that back pain may result. It may be important to the person with pain, just as C-Span is important to someone who enjoys that type of programming, but there is a whole lot more to television than that one channel. Likewise there is a lot more to upper cervical care than problems with the back.

Upper cervical care addresses head/neck misalignment which interferes with the vital messages that travel over the nervous system between the brain and every organ, tissue and cell in the body. This interference seriously impairs the body’s ability to carry on all its normal and natural functions. The body’s chemistry is upset, organ function is affected, resistance is lowered and all coordinated activity is decreased. The digestive system does not work 100%. You cannot think clearly and you can not get all the benefit from your rest and exercise that you should. Even the food that you eat will not be utilized properly by the body if there is nerve interference.

When nerve interference occurs, the body begins to function in an abnormal manner. The individual in this state may be totally unaware of what is happening in his or her body. Unless someone tells them about the benefits of upper cervical care, they may never know until it’s too late to regain their health. If all you could ever watch on television was C-Span, you could just find other forms of entertainment, like reading a good book. Unfortunately, there are no alternatives to correcting head/neck misalignment and keeping the life channels open so your body’s nerve system works at its maximum. Consequently, it makes sense to have your spine checked periodically and to have it corrected when this interference is present.

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