Monday, February 8, 2010

Optimal Communication Crucial To Life

Q. How important is it for your brain and body to be able to communicate?

A. Well, if it doesn’t happen at all your dead. So the answer is…VERY IMPORTANT!

Q. If it is THAT IMPORTANT than is it ALSO IMPORTANT TO EVERYONE to check the strength of communication periodically to make sure that it is working to its highest potential?

A. The Answer…Well Yes.

Bet you never thought about how important that communication is. My specialty, as an Upper Cervical Doctor, is to assess how well this important communication is functioning and, if needed, make a correction to it.

So what we have here is something that is extremely important to everyone to keep tabs on and Upper Cervical Care, a procedure designed to aid in that effort. What could be better?

Remember, Upper Cervical Care is not a treatment for anything and it doesn’t cure anything only the body can heal. Example: If I give care in the form of chiropractic, drugs, or surgery to a dead body what happens? NOTHING! So who really does the healing? YOU DO!

Upper Cervical Care is about giving your body the best chance to be its’ best by opening the communication line (Head/Neck Alignment) between the brain and the body. The body can, will, and does do the rest. Doesn’t everyone (from birth to death) deserve that chance?

We are here to serve, to share, and to give of ourselves so that everyone has that chance. How many people will get that chance? That’s up to you! Please share this with everyone you know. Their life may just depend on it!

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