Friday, January 15, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions About Upper Cervical Care: Part II

“Does it have to be corrected often?”

That depends on your own body. After the initial period of correction some people can hold their correction for several months at a time. Others have to be corrected every other week. Everyone is different. The Upper Cervical doctor’s objective is to make as precise an Upper Cervical correction as possible. Then he/she must help you maintain the correction with as few corrections as possible so that you can enjoy a better quality of life. Periodic Upper Cervical checkups, just like dental checkups and physicals, should be part of your personal preventive health care program. If you are maintaining your correction and body balance then your Upper Cervical chiropractor will not adjust you.

How soon should I get my children under this care?

As soon after birth as possible, and then have them checked regularly as they grow up. You could not possibly give your child a better gift than to make certain that the one organ of the body that controls all the other organs and body functions, the brainstem, is doing its job without interference from the tiny bone just below it.

How much does it cost?

A fraction of what you have probably already spent in your quest to get well. There will be some expense at the beginning because of the x-rays that are so necessary. But our organization has asked that each doctor provide some type of payment plan that enables you and your family to get under care as soon as possible. Because insurance does not pay for corrective care they may only cover a portion of what is needed. In addition, some HMO’s and PPO’s only have certain chiropractors on their list of providers and you have to go to them. Most of these, though equally well trained in other chiropractic procedures, may not be trained in precision Upper Cervical chiropractic. On a personal note, Richard and I had no insurance when we started Upper Cervical care, but the concept made enough sense to risk it. Plus, it cost no more than other forms of chiropractic care. It turned out to be the best investment of our lives.

If the Upper Cervical procedure is so good, why haven’t I heard about it before?

There are specific reasons why you have never heard about this before, and unfortunately, they are political. First, most people are aware of the tension between the medical profession and the chiropractic profession over the last 100 years. Whenever there is a problem, there is always a black out of information to the public at large. For example, several years ago when we tried to discuss Upper Cervical care with any medical doctor or nurse, the moment we mentioned the word “chiropractor”, a thick wall went up. We never were given the chance to describe how advanced chiropractic at large has become and there are phenomenal procedures like this one available to people today. The medical prejudice we encountered prevented us from being able to share this information with doctors and nurses who work with people who desperately needed this information, the very information that would have helped their patients avoid surgery in many cases and avoid the consumption of drugs with dangerous side effects. Because the doctors and nurses themselves did not know about this type of healthcare, and in some cases, they chose not to know, their patients have paid the price.

Fortunately, now, more and more medical doctors are discovering how beneficial Upper Cervical health care is and are referring more and more of their patients to Upper Cervical doctors. These medical doctors acknowledge that constantly prescribing medication is, at times, ineffective and can actually create additional problems. They realize they have found a safe, scientific type of care that is of extreme benefit to their patients. Some of these progressive medical doctors are now becoming some of our greatest allies. One day we sincerely hope that the medical and chiropractic professions will work side-by-side for the benefit of public health. We need them both.

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