Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another Thought On Upper Cervical Care

Think of your body like a highway. There are always construction zones, detours, accidents, road blocks, repair zones, etc. on a highway. This interferes with your ability to get where you want to get when you need to get there. In terms of the body, you know that the nervous system is the system that controls and coordinates every other function and system in the body. The roadblock of the body’s nervous system is head/neck misalignment. The message will still get there but not at the right time or in the appropriate quantity. All of the problems that the body can have often times can be traced back to a communication breakdown of some kind. In many cases this communication breakdown is due to a head/neck misalignment.

Upper Cervical Doctors, by correcting this imbalance, remove these roadblocks or interference. When the body is clear of this interference it is like having a highway with no work being done to it. You know at your present speed how long it will take to get where you are going and that the road your on takes you right there. Everything is communicating in the body at its most optimum capacity.

Upper Cervical Care by removing interference in the nervous system promotes the maximum expression of the body's inborn potential for life. Upper Cervical Doctors don't cure or treat anything. Only the body can do that. After all that is what it was designed to do. The body is so much more miraculous then so many people give it credit for.

I was reading some things that I have collected over the years and one of them that comes to mind was about the 7 wonders of the world. It was about a grade school class and they came up with your usual choices; Taj Mahal, Great Pyramids, etc. but one little girl had some trouble. She had this list: 1. To see 2. To touch 3. To smell 4. To taste 5. To hear 6. To laugh and 7. To love. This small girl hit it right on the head. The seven, if not more, wonders of the world are with us all the time.

Our own bodies deserve so much of our appreciation. It truly is amazing what it does every single second to keep you alive. Give your body a break and make sure that its’ communication system (nervous system) is free of that nasty roadblock known as head/neck misalignment. It’s the least that you could do. Especially after all that it has done for you.


  1. Great post doc. It is great to see the message spread about upper cervical. So many people do not know about the power of their body to heal when the interference to the brain and body communication is restored. The body has amazing abilities to heal. I personally know people that have had their bodies heal from lupus, migraines, headaches, back pain after being under upper cervical chiropractic. Dr. Shawn Carver was the first to introduce me to upper cervical and then we went to listen to Dr. Kessinger(www.kcucs.org).It is a blessing to have been introduced upper cervical and now I'm an upper cervical chiropractor.

    Johnathan Oliver D.C.
    Oliver Specific Chiropractic
    1335 Dublin Road Suite 75-A
    Columbus, Ohio 43215

  2. Thanks for the comment Doc! Keep helping people get their lives back.

    Dr. Travis Robertson


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