Friday, November 27, 2009

Upper Cervical Care and Symptoms

Keep the following in mind the next time you are checked by your Upper Cervical Doctor.

Adapted from:
What About Those Pesky Symptoms?
By: Susan M. Brown, D.C.

The current view of health holds that if we have symptoms, we are sick and if we are without symptoms then we are healthy. And so much of modern health care is geared toward ridding the individual of their symptoms. Some of the sickest people are symptom free. Their bodies are so impacted with toxins and stress and injury (emotional and physical) that they have shut down. So lack of symptoms does not necessarily prove to be a healthy individual. As the reverse can also be true. A person with symptoms is not necessarily “sick”.

Now at first, ridding the system of symptoms seems like a wonderful, noble thing. At least until you start to consider how the body functions. Many of the symptoms people experience are actually signs that the body is healing and stopping those symptoms can inhibit the healing process. For example, a normal fever rise is the body’s first line of defense against infection. When we take something to decrease the temperature it compromises the body’s natural healing response. When we ingest something that the body considers to be toxic, nausea and diarrhea are healthy responses. When a joint is injured the body gives us pain to let us know to be careful, to avoid using it and re injuring it. It swells to provide a natural splint to the area to protect the injured joint and gets hot as the body increases the circulation to repair and heal the injured tissue. The runny nose we get at the change of seasons is the body sluffing off the old respiratory lining, much like the trees sluff off their leaves and animals sluff off winter coats.

Every symptom our body lovingly gives us is a message. The body can only speak to us in two ways, pain or pleasure, discomfort or comfort, ease or dis-ease.

When symptoms occur, when our body is trying its best to communicate with us, do we listen to what it is trying to say? Or do we just try to shut it up, quiet it down, or stop the symptoms. Do we ignore the body’s only voice and try to “shut it up”. If our intention is just to stop the symptoms, then we miss the gift. It’s not that we don’t want to hear about the symptoms, it’s that Upper Cervical Care's intention is not to treat them or silence them, it is to acknowledge them with something far greater than talking about them. Upper Cervical Care's purpose and intent is to free the power of the body so that it can heal, and can fully integrate the experiences of life. Sometimes when the body is in flow with life it has no symptoms and sometimes it does. Sometimes we feel great, sometimes we feel the process of healing happening and sometimes we feel our body telling us that a change is definitely in order. Life is a process not an event and so is healing. When your body is speaking, listen to what it is saying, acknowledge it and answer it. I think the body’s wisdom will amaze you and if you both listen and respond, the conversations you have will surely enlighten you.

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