Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The One Cause of ALL Human Suffering

What is the ONE CAUSE of all human pain, sickness, suffering and death?

A failure to adapt.

Think about it, the reason why you die from getting run over by a train is because you fail to adapt to that situation. If you could adapt you would survive.

Health and well-being are the same. The reason why you get any sickness, disease, or pain is because you have failed to adapt.

Adaptation is the primary purpose of what body system?

Your nervous system.

What is Upper Cervical Care’s sole purpose?

Make sure that the nervous system is in tiptop shape so that you will be armed with the highest level of adaptation possible. It is then of paramount importance in all human suffering that the nerve system be checked by an Upper Cervical Doctor.

I know that you or someone you know is suffering and I know that Upper Cervical Care has the potential to make a huge difference in the lives of those that suffer, no matter the condition.

But why wait until you have a problem to get your nerve system checked? With such an emphasis on prevention these days it just makes sense to get checked. Especially since the care that Upper Cervical Doctors provide is backed by so many happy patients and sound scientific research.

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