Friday, November 6, 2009

Case 2: Upper Cervical Care and Meniere's Disease


by Michael T. Burcon, D.C.

HISTORY: Fifty seven year old female diagnosed with Meniere's disease in 1991. Onset was sudden and severe. She reported being paralyzed for a short time. Following this episode, she gave up driving. She was a passenger on a bus that was in a relatively serious accident in 1975.

Symptoms were relieved for two years by endolymphatic shunt surgery. Recent test revealed 50% hearing loss in right ear. Symptoms were currently returning most mornings and lasting into the afternoon. They were relieved by diet pills, valium and bed rest. She decided to try chiropractic as an alternative to a second shunt surgery.

EXAMINATION: Patient reported dizziness, nausea and stiff neck. Leg checks demonstrated ¾" right pelvic negative, ¾" right cervical syndrome and positive C1 test. Limited range of motion of cervicals bilateraly. Cervical thermograph showed right break at level of C1. X-ray analysis revealed atlas subluxation to be posterior and inferior on the left articulation, under lapped on the right.

INTERVENTION AND OUTCOME: After specific atlas adjustment and rest, patient was post checked. She was balanced, all tests were negative and all symptoms were gone. Cervical range of motion was restored. Cervical thermograph was straight. After one year, patient is holding adjustment and symptom free.

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