Monday, October 26, 2009

When I Cancelled Plans To Commit Suicide…

...I had no idea we would eventually help thousands of people, with all sorts of health problems, around the world get their normal lives back. After 12-years dealing with the agony of Trigeminal Neuralgia, the unbearable pain robbed me of hope and all desire to live.

The disease, TN, better known as the ‘Suicide Disease’, is an incurable nerve condition of the face. TN is the most painful condition experienced by man, with suicide being the only documented means of lasting relief. Years of medical treatments that included powerful epileptic drugs left me doped like a zombie.

Rhonda, my wife, researched several major surgeries that could sever the nerve leaving me with facial paralysis, or cover the nerve, which might cause blindness, but they cost in excess of $40,000, while offering a limited chance of success. I was running out of time, trying to escape this pain that had taken over my life.

The ‘traditional’ medicine as well as natural treatments, like dental work, acupuncture, chiropractic and herbal (natural) healing offered only temporary reductions or provided no relief. No remedy or drug lessened the horrible pain inflicted by the excruciating spasms I called ‘the beast’. After 12 years of suffering, the only option that made sense to me was to end my life.

One night my wife Rhonda heard a radio broadcast by a motivated woman who shared her remarkable, emotion-packed story of a relatively unknown scientific procedure which reduced her crippling misery with Fibromyalgia, eventually restoring her to a pre-agony state of being.

This turned out to be the very procedure that ultimately ended my pain and eventually brought back my life. My wife scheduled a meeting with an upper cervical doctor close to our home. Within three days of the first realignment of my head the pain was greatly reduced, by the third treatment (9 days later), I was pain free! The cost of finding relief equaled the cost for two months of the three drugs I had taken for over 10 years.

I completed full treatment, and now see my doctor for check-ups only. The only recurrences have been after trauma to my head. The spasms left as soon as I was re-x-rayed and the upper cervical area (C1C2) was corrected again.

-James Tomasi, pastor, author, and Upper Cervical Care advocate.

This head/neck misalignment can cause or contribute to a whole host of health problems because it interferes with body balance and the proper function of the nerve system. This one tiny problem affects your posture and balance (aching joints/pain) and how your nerves work (factor in many diseases). You owe it to yourself to see if this can help you. Find hope at and visit to find out more and to find a doctor near you.

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