Friday, October 9, 2009

Torticollis / Wryneck Significantly Reduced

by Kevin A. James, D.C.

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: This study involved two torticollis cases. On both instances patients presented at our office complaining of severe neck pain. Severely distorted posture of the head and neck area was present in both cases. Both patients were less than 20 years old. One patient was male. The other patient was female. With this severe pain and grossly distorted postural changes, we would use the Grostic/Orthospinology Procedure to attempt to make a spinal correction that would improve the patient's health and well-being.

METHODS: The patient would be examined and a set of cervical x-rays were to be taken using the Grostic Procedure Model. After the x-rays were analyzed, the patient would be adjusted using the hand or instrument as described by the Grostic Procedure/Orthospinology.

However, due to the severe pain involved in these cases, the method of spinal correction was modified based on the doctor's knowledge and understanding of the cervical biomechanics. Along with these modifications, the hand and instrument form of spinal correction was used.

After the spinal correction was made, post Grostic x-rays were taken to note any changes.

RESULTS: In one case, a stroking pull type maneuver (Laney's Finger Tip Pull), as described by Dr. Cecil Laney at a previous Life University Annual Upper Cervical Conference, was used with great success. This maneuver was used because the patient, due to his head weight and pain, could not lay on his side. This successful correction was noted on post cervical x-rays as used in the Grostic Procedure. The second case was adjusted with the stroking pull maneuver and with the hands and instrument as described Orthospinology. This patient was in such pain that the Laney maneuver did not make any notable differences and the customary correction methods were used. Following post cervical x-rays, on this second patient, a notable correction was observed also.

CONCLUSION: In cases, presenting with severe spasmodic torticollis, the symptoms of severe pain are normally expected. The correction of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex in the Upper Cervical area is a must. Due to the severe pain and muscle spasm involved with spasmodic torticollis, the light forced gentle non-manipulative Grostic Procedure provides an excellent method of correcting the VSC causing this spinal imbalance. If this patient is unable to lay down in the proper position due to severe spasm and pain, the doctor's knowledge of the cervical biomechanics as described by Dr. John F. Grostic can be applied using the Laney Finger Tip Pull obtaining favorable results. Once the subluxation has been reduced enough to allow for decreased muscle spasm, the patient can now lay in the desired position for care. The customary hand or instrument adjustment can be used to complete the correction of the VSC.

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