Monday, September 28, 2009

One TN Patient's Experience

Perhaps their experience will guide you to the light at the end of your dark tunnel.

My story began 10 years ago with a fast onset of terrible pain. I went to the G.P., general dentist, oral surgeon, ENT, chiropractor, neurologist, neurosurgeon. It was the ENT professional who first diagnosed this after I had had the "usual" treatment of root canal and my dental fillings all changed to composites. After the diagnosis I was sent to the neurologist and on to the neurosurgeon who seemed gleeful to see me. When I balked at the first consultation, he assured me I "would be back." I have wandered through the usual maze of drug therapy, staggering, falling, and feeling in a daze. I have listened to others who swore by acupuncture (it did nothing for me); crystal therapy (yes, I tried that too!); chiropractic maneuvers (made it worse), and even having the offending nerve cut by an oral surgeon (permanent numbness but pain returned, of course). I have been depressed, given antidepressants, been more depressed, considered ending it all. But through it all I have worked! Have to. How? It has been an absolute heroic event. Finally, this past fall someone tried to convince me to try a "specialized chiropractic treatment" upper cervical. Sure, I thought. Another voo doo thing. I was sent a tape to listen to. The tape sat on my desk for months. One day I thought I would listen to it before I threw it out. Listened to it and thought, this is absurd. I listened to it several times and then thought, well, I'll try one more shot at voo doo. Finding one of these specialized people was hard. I did careful research, finally calling the national organization and spending a long time on the phone with the person in charge. I came away with two names of certified practitioners. I made an appointment and cancelled. Waited another few months. The pain was bad. Made another appointment and kept it. The specialist told me about the atlas bone in my spine. I was unconvinced, but now what did I have to lose? It was one more try with witchcraft or on to surgery. So, I gave it a try. I got better. I was skeptical. I am a tough patient. Since I started, I have had very good success with this procedure. I am now down way down on my meds. I can now function and eat and talk. I am still unwilling to say unequivocally that what I am doing will work for anyone else, but so far it has given me relief. At least the pain is gone...for now.

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