Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Show of Hands

Hi, my name is Margie. I want to tell you about my experience with Upper Cervical Care. I was known as the woman with the sack of pills. I limped into the office and had my consultation. The Doctor said, ‘I can help you!’

I have high blood pressure and have taken two pills a day for six years. I’ve been on an anti-depressant for 14 years. I’ve had fibromyalgia for nine years. I have hip pain. I’ve been on one heart pill and then another pill for vertigo. My ankles were so swollen I could hardly walk. I could hardly see because of the vertigo, and I could hear a person if he spoke loud enough. When he said he could help me, I said to myself, ‘Boy, is this guy crazy.’

Here is my experience within three days after my first correction:

I was sleeping all night without help. I lost six pounds of fluid. My hearing was so clear that it tickled when anyone talked loudly. My fibromyalgia pain was almost completely gone. My shoes were now too big (they fell off while I was walking!).

Within six weeks my eyes were fine, and I got my driver’s license renewed without glasses. Now after six months I no longer am borderline diabetic, I’ve lost six more pounds. My cholesterol is down. My blood sugar was 200 before the adjustment and my latest blood sugar count was 120. My blood pressure used to be 170/110 with the use of drugs and now is 122/78 and I haven’t taken any pills since February 18, 2000!

When people talk about having this pain here or that pain there, I don’t sit and agree with them. I tell them that I used to have what they do. I say to them, "Now let me tell you about my doctor. You should get an appointment."

Margie suffered with the following complaints as she described them to the Upper Cervical Doctor. The following results were obtained after Upper Cervical Care:

Original conditions and percent Improvement

Vertigo for 18 months. 95% Right knee pain 2 years. 95%
Elevated Blood sugar for 6 weeks. 95% Headaches – constant for 10 years. 95%
Ear pain for 18 months. 100% Fibromyalgia for 10 years. 95%
High blood pressure for 5 years. 100% Indigestion-heartburn for 10 years. 95%
Depression for 10 years. 100% Numbness in right hand – tremor 100%
Bladder control problem for years. 100% Sinus condition for 20 years. 75%
Vision loss for 6 years. 100%

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